“Back in my day you could see when a fella had the mark of the beast on his forehead…”

BarcodeSo if universal RFID is on its way, does that mean barcodes will soon be a thing of the past? Will they join VCRs, rotary phones, and 5¼ inch diskettes in the dustbin of recent history? Upon reaching their mid-twenties, will today’s ten year olds sport retro t-shirts with barcodes emblazoned across the front? Will a movie filmed in 2026 but set today evoke a knowing laugh from the audience with a single well-placed shot of the bottom of a box of frozen peas? Will people ask each other, how did barcodes work anyway? (No idea–but somehow it involved lasers.) Is this coming? I bet it is coming, and when it comes, remember you read it here first.

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