She’ll Get You There

There may be hope for King County Metro yet. Longtime Seattle resident Mrs. Nellie Murphy, who worked for many years as a fishmonger at Seattle’s Pike Place Market before returning to her native Dublin, came across my claim that the public transit motto “We’ll get you there” was impossible to say in a way that inspires confidence. She graciously had a crack at it, and I think met with success.

We’ll get you there.

Arguably she’s cheating a bit, depending on whether you hear the initial “Ah” as paralinguistic or a word unto itself, but regardless this makes me feel I’m in good hands. It may be gray and cloudy, and traffic on the 520 bridge may be backed up into Medina, but you can rest assured that one way or another Nellie’ll handle it. She’ll get you there.

(By the way, the friend who put me in touch with Nellie–herself a Dublin native–tells me that Nellie has a classic “Dublin 8” accent, where the “8” refers to a postal code–Dublin being, like New York City, one of those towns so dense and variegated that its individual neighborhoods have distinctive ways of speaking. There’s apparently also a posher “Dublin 4”. Sadly my friend says that Nellie’s accent is becoming a thing of the past, and you only hear it anymore in people over fifty.)

King County Metro, I’d advise you to get a hold of Mrs. Murphy and see if you could arrange for her to do some voiceover work for you. This may be an opportunity to make the best of a bad situation.

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2 Responses to She’ll Get You There

  1. Booby Snack says:

    Oh my god. I love this SO much! NELLIE! I want Nellie to get me there, not Metro. Unless Nellie drives for Metro. That would be o.k., then.

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