An Example Configurable Partitioner

In the new Hadoop API, if you’re writing a custom Partitioner that needs to be configured, you make it Configurable.

class CustomPartitioner extends Partitioner<KEY, VALUE> implements Configurable {
     private Configuration configuration;

      public int getPartition(KEY key, VALUE value, int n) {
           // Calculate the hash code, reading from the configuration as needed.
           return Math.abs(hashCode) % n;

      public void setConf(Configuration configuration) {
         this.configuration = configuration;

      public Configuration getConf() {
         return configuration;

During initialization the Hadoop framework will create an instance of your custom partitioner. When Hadoop’s reflection utilities instantiate a class, they check to see if that class is Configurable. If it is, setConf is called immediately after creation. So in the template above, the private configuration variable will be initialized before the first call to getPartition.

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4 Responses to An Example Configurable Partitioner

  1. Harsh says:

    Great post, I’ll make sure I pass it around when Partitioners ever come up on MLs/etc. 🙂

  2. abhijit says:

    Thanks a lot. Very good piece of information 🙂

  3. Sachin Sudarshana says:

    Hey.. Thanks a lot. This helped a lot. Is it possible to do the same with a Custom Comparator class, that implements WritableComparable? No luck so far.

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