Life ≥ Pow(Language)

Hypothesis: we use language to carve up the fluid amorphous reality in which we find ourselves immersed into discrete communicable chunks. I know, nothing terribly original about that. But what if we take it literally? The number of possible utterances in a natural language is countably infinite, while the space a semantic model occupies is continuous. The magic of language is the way it maps  \aleph_0 to C.

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3 Responses to Life ≥ Pow(Language)

  1. Yes, and Voronoi languages are just the beginning of the magic!

    • W.P. McNeill says:

      That looks interesting. This set of slides appears to cover the same material. I know next to nothing about game theory but could imagine how it would be a model of communication inasmuch as it is a model of interaction between agents. Are Voronoi languages a longstanding construct or something that got invented recently?

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