Nothing is Never Not True

Say you and I are having a conversation about elephants. You show me a photograph of an elephant and I say, yep, that’s an elephant. You show me a still from Dumbo and I say, also an elephant. Then you show me a child’s crude drawing that depicts a bulbous four-legged creature with a long nose and I say, elephant. Then you show me a picture of a hippopotamus and I say, that’s an elephant all right. You say, “Are you sure?” and hold up the picture again, but I cannot be dissuaded. You move further afield to photographs of a wine bottle, the Chicago skyline, Burgess Meredith, and I say: elephant, elephant, elephant. What at this point is going on here? Maybe you think I’m messing with you. Maybe you suspect I have brain damage. One thing is for certain though: we are no longer discussing elephants. We are discussing me.

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