You’re Welcome, Google Images

Recently I went through old posts here and added titles to all the pictures that appear when you hover your mouse over them. This is what I will do henceforth for new images. The titles are short bits of text in which I do my best to provide an accurate and relevant description of the picture in everyday English. They are purposefully a little dull because I am aiming for a basic description sans commentary, jokes, or anything else that requires too much world knowledge to comprehend. I am doing this as a drop-in-the-ocean gift to machine learning researchers who scrape the web looking for textual information to correlate with images, but I’m also finding the task of writing these blurbs interesting in and of itself. To do it, you have to ask yourself, what is the essence of this picture that will be perceived by the widest assortment of people? Where is the overlapping region of consensus? What is this really?

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