Nowhere in a Handbasket

Everything is getting worse all the time. A world that was once sane is growing unforgiving and chaotic. The sexual mores that functioned wonderfully in our youth have been abandoned for a dangerous free-for-all. Music was once a balm for the soul, but is now just a bunch of noise. A rising ride of violence will soon engulf us all. There is something unique about this moment in history. We are witnessing the final moments in which the last restraints are loosed, and the world goes sliding irrevocably into the apocalypse for which it has always been destined, but which we have the bad fortune to witness firsthand.

Consider the alternative: that nothing is getting worse. The level of immorality in the world has remained more or less constant since 783, 1200, 1491, 1848, 1956, 2003 and will continue to remain constant into the foreseeable future. The illusion of global decay is just a projection of your own mortality onto history. There is nothing new under the sun, and you are not special.

Question: which one frightens you more?

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