Questions about Ghosts

If ghosts can walk through walls, why don’t they fall through the floor?

Are the ghosts who make contact with the living the ones who can’t get along with other ghosts?

Do ghosts have to float everywhere or can they drive?

If your television mysteriously turns itself on for no apparent reason does that mean you’re being haunted by a bored ghost?

If at a dark and lonely crossroads there appears once a year at midnight the ghost of a man who was murdered on that very spot over a century ago at what point are you allowed to say oh just get over it already?

Is that a cloud of gnats or the ghosts of dead gnats?

If there’s a ghost that mysteriously rearranges all the furniture in the middle of the night does another ghost sometimes come along and put everything back the way it was, just to mess with the first ghost?

Sarah Beattie beat me to it.

You are a ghost haunting a house. An unsuspecting family moves in. You make scary noises at night, jump out from behind corners, and hiss, “Get out!” They leave. The house is all yours once again. Now what?

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