Chocolate Pupm On

Theo Chocolate gives regular tours of their factory, a small facility housed in a low brick building in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. There are hoppers, giant stainless steel ovens, and color-coded plastic bins. As they will tell you with evident pride, what you see is the entire process, from “Bean to Bar”, and this nothing-up-our-sleeve completeness makes the tour particularly compelling. It’s a tight, clean, efficient operation, which made finding this typo on a control panel in the middle of the floor all the more satisfying.


A typo in text is just a typo, but a typo out in the world is a story. At what point did they catch this? After the labels were printed? Before they were applied? Who decided that it wasn’t worth going back and fixing? There are a number of control panels there, and this is the only one I saw with an error, so I wonder if by now the typo is a helpful landmark. If, in the local dialect of the Theo Chocolate factory, there is a particular machine known as the “Chocolate Pupm”, and everybody conveniently knows right where it is.

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