Tales from The Day After Tomorrow

At the corner of the bar is a video screen. For still sober customers it offers video poker. Drunker ones may opt for a simpler spot-the-differences-between-the-pictures game. In this mode it displays two photographs side by side. They are mostly identical, but there are subtle differences: a foot angled differently, a missing boat on the bay in the background, an awning lacking its stripes, and so forth. Your task is to tap the spots on the screen where the differences lie. The task is timed and gets harder as you progress. Eventually you lose, and the machine insults you.

The pictures are all vintage pornography. About half are women with enormous fake breasts and 80s bouffant hairdos. The other half are men with astounding mustaches in varying degrees of tumescence. When the female pictures come up, players might chirp, “Boobie hunt!” When the male pictures come up, they might chirp, “Dick hunt!” The assumption of the video screen makers is that their user base will be about 50/50 male/female, and a mixture of gay and straight, weighted towards the latter. The assumption furthermore is that any given user will be mildly turned on by about half the pictures and bemused by them all. The intent is for everyone to go away happy. That’s how they make their money.

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