It’s My First Time at the Rodeo!

Is that a real cowboy?

What are the barrels for?

What does the clown do?

These seats are really comfy.

The talking cactus on the Jumbotron is cracking me up!

Mmm…fried mushrooms.

When does it start?

Oh, it’s already started.

That looks like the Albanian flag.

(Why are we whispering?)

A waiver for what?

That can’t be safe. Is that safe?

Are those guys looking at us?

It’s like I’m the only one who’s noticed the lightning.

Why does the announcers’ voice sound like it’s being played backwards?

(Those guys are definitely looking at us.)

Where did you go?

Stirrup. Which one’s the stirrup? I don’t know what a stirrup is.

What? “‘Run’?” Run?…Run!

I was expecting more cows.

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