Which Fastener Best Suits Your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type?

Philips flat head screw

ISTJ Drywall screw
ISFJ Lag bolt
INFJ Dowel screw
INTJ Washer head full thread rear panel screw
ISTP ¼″ Cap screw
ISFP Drywall screw (with anchor)
INFP Carriage bolt with countersunk head
INTP Hex bolt (zinc finish)
ESTP Philips head sheet metal screw
ESFP Straight head sheet metal screw
ENFP ½″ Flanged head machine screw
ENTP Copper wood screw
ESTJ Self-tapping machine screw
ESFJ Stainless steel hex bolt
ENFJ 1 ⅜″ Philips truss head gutter bolt
ENTJ  Nail
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