The Meaning of Life

Right-clicking on a highlighted word in my web browser brings up a menu that gives me the option of either looking up that word or searching for it on Google.

the meaning of lifeThe first option returns a dictionary and thesaurus definition.

life definitionThe second opens a web search in a separate tab.

life searchThe former is what most people imagine when they think of the meaning of a word. The latter isn’t its meaning. Instead it is examples of its use, though, being the first page returned by a popular search engine, you can expect these examples to be good ones.

I almost never select the look up option. I frequently select the search option. The former will be highlighted first on the menu, but I’ll move away from it. “Don’t tell me what this word means,” I’ll think. “Show me.”

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2 Responses to The Meaning of Life

  1. Very wittgensteinian approach indeed 🙂

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