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Hours Billable to God

You have to fill out a timesheet for every hour of your life. Each hour receives a numerical code. There is one code for each activity a human being could possibly do. How many codes are there? Advertisements

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Some people believe that after you die your soul will move on to an afterlife which if you were good will be an eternity of joy but if you were bad will be a period of endless torment. They’re almost … Continue reading

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Importing scikit-learn Models into Java

Currently scikit-learn is the best general purpose machine learning package. It is part of the Scientific Python family of tools, built on top of the Numeric Python matrix processing engine. The code is readable, documentation extensive, and the package is … Continue reading

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0! = 1 Because I Said So

I remember sitting on the deck of my parents’ house in suburban Philadelphia back in high school an explaining factorials to my friend Paul. I don’t know why I was explaining them to him, since Paul always had way more … Continue reading

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You have a child. What do you name them? David or Jason to be willfully non-descript? Brittany or Simone to grab a bit of aspirational French classiness? Emily or Enid in an attempt to be quirkily old-fashioned in the vain … Continue reading

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Going through my father’s old technical books I found the slim reference volume Thermodynamic Charts: Also Special Tables for Turbine Calculations. The original copyright is 1939 (under the pithier title Vapor Charts), though this edition is from 1959. It’s a … Continue reading

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The 19th Century

Was there any century worse than the nineteenth? Sure life was more brutish, poor, and short back in the Stone Age, but times were so tough then it seems churlish to do anything but marvel at the general aptitude for … Continue reading

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